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5 Common Blind Spots That Make Pet Owners’ Homes Stink

They say love is blind, and that’s especially true when it comes to our pets. Our furry friends can trick our noses, too, making our home smell less than unloveable to visitors when we think we’ve done everything we can to keep it clean. Where might your secret stinker be causing some problems you’re unaware of?

1) Your pet’s main hangout

Your pet most likely has a favorite spot, whether it be a section of carpet near the TV, a blanket on the couch, or their own pet bed. You probably spend a lot of time near that spot as well, since who doesn’t want to stick close to their best friend? It doesn’t take much time, however, for those areas to absorb the odors from hair, dander, and dirt or waste particles tracked in from the litter box or outdoors. As a frequent passerby, you may not experience the full odiferous wallop–but it’s there!

2) Air ducts

The ducts in your home accumulate animal hair and dander as well, disseminating a general odor that you have most likely grown accustomed to over the months and years. Even if you have a short-haired or “hypo-allergenic” pet, your ducts are not completely immune to your fur baby’s byproducts.

3) Pet accidents

Pet accidents are usually pretty easy to find, so how do they qualify as a blind spot? Even when you are diligent with cleaning up pet pee, poop, or vomit, you can only get it so clean without professional assistance. It’s not your fault! Animal odors are, well, a different animal compared to people smells. Even store-bought pet cleaners rarely get to the root of lingering odors from accidents.

4) Litter boxes

Cats like to keep themselves clean, but litter boxes can still be a significant source of odors. Even if you remove waste from the litter box daily, your house may have that “cat smell” that you–but not guests in your home–have grown used to.

5) Pet hygiene

Bath time: has it been awhile? Your pet should be bathed/groomed once every 4-6 weeks to maintain a healthy skin and coat. Just by going outside and coming back in, your pet will track in dirt and other organic materials that will lead to odors becoming prevalent throughout your home. Even strictly indoor animals produce their own natural odors that must be kept at bay with a regular hygiene routine.

Not sure where the odors might be hiding? A professional carpet cleaning service specializes in finding and fixing those not-so-secret stinks! For a consultation, call 419-529-6422 or request a cleaning estimate today.

5 Common Blind Spots That Make Pet Owners’ Homes Stink