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Water Damage Wooster, OH

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Broken pipes, leaky appliances, and heavy rainstorms can change your home from a sanctuary to a disaster zone within minutes. Loss of control and threatened security can cause feelings of fear and devastation to anyone. When disaster stirkes, there’s help available to help you back on your feet. Take quick action by calling the experts at Shambaugh Cleaning and Restoration. Our trained technicians will quickly come to your aid and help salvage your home and personal items.
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Beware of Mold!

Water damage left unattended for 12-48 hours can result in mold growth – resulting in another set of issues you don’t want to deal with. Mold not only further compromises the structure of your home, but it can cause skin irritation, respiratory problems, and more serious effects for those with preexisting health conditions. That is why at Shambaugh, we are trained to respond immediately and work quickly through a water damage situation.

Act Fast After Water Damage

While water damage restoration is a complex process that should only be handled by the professionals, there are some important steps to take while you wait for your preferred restoration team to arrive:

  • Shut off the source
  • Turn off nearby power sources
  • Start removing items and personal belongings from affected areas if it’s safe
  • Open windows to promote air circulation
  • Place fans around affected areas to help speed up the drying process

These steps can help mitigate the damage before the experts arrive to complete the work.

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You deserve the very best for your home. Whether you need emergency property damage cleanup and restoration services or are looking for expert carpet or air duct cleaning services, you can rely on Shambaugh Cleaning & Restoration to deliver the results you expect.
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Water Damage Restoration in Wooster, Ohio