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Another Satisfied Client: Kim Keyes


Kim Keyes

Shambaugh Cleaning & Restoration had the opportunity to work for a wonderful client, Kim Keyes, recently. She was affected, like so many others, by the artic weather this winter provided. The pipes in her home froze and burst, resulting in water damage. Our Project Manager, Justin Turner, received the following email from Mrs. Keyes regarding her experience with our company.

“Hi Justin –

I just wanted to give you all at Shambaugh’s a huge THANK YOU for helping me after water damage occurred during the deep freeze in January. As you know, my husband was gravely ill and passed away while my kitchen floor was all torn up and my basement family room was a wreck and I had a house full of people. I could not have repairs done while everyone was here, but as soon as I could – you got your crew in here to repair my basement and they were speedy yet thorough and it is so nice for it to be done. The family room looks great! When I first called about the water damage – your clean-up crew was here in an hour! I recommend Shambaugh’s every time someone asks me what happened – I wish the kitchen flooring people were as fast as you guys!!! I look forward to having everything all finished so I can schedule my carpet cleaning – I know it will look fantastic. Thanks again. I appreciate your caring during this very difficult time for me.


Kim Keyes”

We thoroughly enjoyed providing service for Mrs. Keyes and Shambaugh Cleaning & Restoration in Mansfield, Ohio is proud to say we have the best clients in the business! Thank you for your kind words.

Another Satisfied Client: Kim Keyes