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April Specials: Discover A Few Tricks To Defend Your Family Against Dreaded Allergies!

Allergies Affect 1 In 4 People …Discover A Few Tricks To Defend Your Family Against Dreaded Allergies!

Hello friend, it’s Shambaugh’s Cleaning & Restoration.  1 in 4…Yikes!  That means A LOT of people are suffering.  Even if no one in your home is a sufferer you must know someone who is and you can pass this info on to them.  Because allergies make a huge percentage of the population miserable every year, maintaining a clean, allergen-free home isn’t just a luxury it’s ….


One website had this to say, “Why people develop allergies remains a mystery in the medical community.  Until we know more about allergies the best line of defense is to eliminate the offending agents.” –  So what are these “offending agents”?  Dust mites, pollens, and molds to name a few.  Also, among the offenders are pet dander, and pollutants from outside that come into our homes on our shoes and clothes.

How Can You Get The Advantage Over Allergens?

The good news is all of these culprits are easily removed with a professional carpet and/or upholstery cleaning.  You can go through this allergy season with a stronger defense line this year if you take a proactive approach and remove allergens from your home.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has this advice, “Keep the house clean. House dust mites, pollens, animal dander, and other allergy-causing agents can be reduced…through regular cleaning.”    So go ahead and get your carpets and upholstery thoroughly and professionaly cleaned and…

The End Result?

You could breath easier this allergy season by removing common allergens at the source.  Remember, your carpet is like a big “filter” that traps pollutants and allergens.  But that “filter” gets full and redistributes allergens back into the air with every step you take.  If it’s been more than 6-12 months since you had your carpets cleaned your “filter” (carpet) is definitely full!  Call me today!

Help Reduce Your Allergies!

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April Specials: Discover A Few Tricks To Defend Your Family Against Dreaded Allergies!