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August Specials: Summer is Slipping Away…Be Sure Your Clean Carpet Doesn’t Do the Same!

Hello friend! I hope you have had a wonderful summer, filled with lots of sun, family time, and relaxation. But I also hope you don’t let the long summer days slip by without giving me a call. Before you know it, long summer days will turn into brisk fall mornings and the kids will start getting ready to go back to school. Then suddenly you’ll look down and …

“Uh-Oh….Are those traffic lanes?”

“Traffic Lanes” can appear with or without a shadowy hint of grime. But, inevitably dirt will begin to create certain wear patterns in your once beautiful, fluffy carpets. When traffic lanes or wear patterns appear, your delicate carpet fibers start becoming vulnerable to break-down and fraying. And, if you don’t call me right away …those lanes could become (gulp!) permanent.
So Don’t Let Your Carpets Age In “Dog Years”!

A carpet that isn’t cleaned on a regular schedule can age beyond it’s years way too fast. I’ve seen 10-year-old carpets that still look like new and 3-year-old carpets that looked like they were 20 years old. The key to a “young” looking carpet is cleaning and maintenance. One more thing…

“How Does $30 Cash Sound To You?”

That’s $30 cash you can put towards having a little more fun before summer is truly over. And that’s exactly what you’ll save if you go ahead and call me today. Remember – clean before traffic lanes appear to prevent premature carpet aging and extend the beauty and life of your investment. Just call and ask for the “August Special!” Then you’ll save your carpets and some money.

Contact Before August 31, 2015 For Specials:

Save $30 CASH Off Your Carpet Cleaning!*
Save $25 off your Tile/Grout Cleaning!*
Save $25 off Upholstery Cleaning!*
Clients Only: $50 of Carpet Protection for $30*

These offers are good until August 31, 2015Call Shambaugh Cleaning & Restoration at 419-529-6422
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August Specials: Summer is Slipping Away…Be Sure Your Clean Carpet Doesn’t Do the Same!