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Can Soaking Wet Rugs Be Saved?

carpet cleaning mansfield ohioIf your home has suffered a flood of external water or a broken pipe, hundreds of gallons of water might have inundated your floors. In addition to the water damage to your hardwood floors, wall to wall carpets and drywall, your handmade rugs are at severe risk right now. Water intrusion can cause Oriental rugs to separate, twist and bleed within hours.

The structural foundation of carpet (the warp and weft) can begin to weaken. And the delicate silk and wool knots can shrink and pull on each other.  Take action now to decrease additional damage. Call Shambaugh immediately. They might ask for a description to help them dispatch the right resources. Use this time while rugs are in place to photograph them for insurance documentation.

If the rug is still wet, it is going to be very heavy. They might use a shop vacuum to suction out water from the pile before attempting to move the rug. Roughly moving the rug while it is still soaking wet can cause even more damage. Generally, they will roll the rug, not fold it, to avoid permanent damage.

What is Off Site Rug Cleaning?

Based on the type of rug, its value, and the level of damage, off site rug cleaning might be the best option. The Shambaugh team will carefully pack up your carpet and transport it to the specialized  cleaning facility for a customized deep cleaning session. There, a thorough evaluation will take place. This inspection checks for any pre-existing conditions or structural damage which could affect the cleaning process. Photos will be taken to document the findings.

Dusting the rug removes years of accumulated debris and dust ingrained in the fibers. These soil particles can cause early wear and tear. After dusting, a powerful but gentle vacuum removes even finer particles on the surface. Then, color fastness will be tested to avoid any potential dye migration or bleeding. A dye locking agent might need to be used before the next step.

Special cleaning products will be carefully applied to pre-treat problematic spots. While that is allowed to work, a fringe cleaner and hand brush will be used for the rug’s fringe to remove any dirt or soil. Homeowners seldom care for this vulnerable area of handmade rugs and the Shambaugh team are experts at it.

Next is the literal washing or cleaning step. Depending on the materials, damage, and dyes, the team will either use low moisture or completely submerge the rug. Any scrubbing action would coincide with the initial inspection report.

Thereafter, the rug will be dried on a special rug tower or rug drying platform which prevents mold growth. Even the largest rugs can be safely accommodated for thorough and complete drying.

Finally, the rug is groomed with a soft brush and given a final vacuuming. Referring back to the pre inspection report, a fabric protector might be applied to protect your heirloom. Then the team will return the clean (and fresh smelling) treasure back to your home.

Save Your Heirlooms In Mansfield, Ohio

When you need cleaning services for damp or wet rugs, contact the team at Shambaugh. Area rugs can be the perfect accent piece to any home. However when they get dirty and worn down, they can have the opposite effect. Beyond an occasional spot cleaning, any DIY scrubbing and soaking could be potentially harmful to the coloring and construction of your treasured rug.

Use a team with great references or referrals from trusted friends. In Mansfield, Shambaugh Cleaning has been caring for fine carpets for decades. Protect your investment and renew your living space with Shambaugh Carpet Services. They have the tools and expertise to bring your carpets back to life. Since 1985, they have been keeping Mansfield homes clean, fresh and healthy.

Can Soaking Wet Rugs Be Saved?