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Cleaning Your Carpets In February Might Just Save Your Love

“Cleaning Your Carpets In February Might Just Save Your Love…..”

 We all know that February is the month of “love”…..a time to celebrate romance…..fall in love….or remember why you fell in love. Here’s the true (well almost true) story of how one man saved his love by cleaning his carpets in February… on….it could happen to you…..

Thomas couldn’t quite figure out what was bothering Karen lately. She just seemed…well distant…and it was only getting worse. It was almost like she didn’t even want to come over to his house anymore. Thomas felt like he was going to lose her if he didn’t do something. He thought if he planned the “perfect” Valentine’s Day they would reconnect and things would be the way they used to be. Thomas called Karen’s best friend, Jessica, to meet him for coffee to discuss his Valentine’s strategy. When they met, Thomas ran his idea for “the perfect day” by her; it was complete with a shopping spree, a massage, chocolates, flowers and a romantic dinner.
“It’s good.” Jessica said as she sipped her latte. “It’s really good. But you’re missing something.”

“What is it?” Thomas’ voice cracked with desperation. If anyone could tell him what was wrong with Karen it would be Jessica. “You’ve got to tell me Jess….I feel like this is my last chance, I don’t want to lose her.”

Jessica looked him square in the eye. “If you really want to save your love, do everything on this list. And…..” Thomas leaned in and hung on her every word. “Clean your carpets. Karen thinks it’s really gross you guys have been dating for 2 years and you’ve never gotten your carpets cleaned. Plus, it’s killing her allergies.”
“But clean my carpets in February? I thought that was a ‘spring’ thing.”

“Everyone knows that carpets get really gross in the winter when your house is all shut up tight. Your carpet is like a giant filter. It gets full and needs to be cleaned, even if your carpets don’t look dirty. And we both know yours look dirty. Besides, February is the best time to clean because most cleaners are kind of slow in the winter so you can get their best specials with little or no waiting times.” It was all Jessica could do to keep from rolling her eyes. Was Thomas really this clueless? “But you can’t go ‘cheap’ Thomas. The wrong carpet cleaner will just make a mess of your carpets.” Jessica handed him a business card. “Call this guy, he’s the best.”

I got the call from Thomas and we had his carpets looking as good as new in time for Valentine’s Day. The last time I talked to him, I think he and Karen were getting married. You’ll find the special he credits with “Saving his Love” on the other side of this postcard.

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Cleaning Your Carpets In February Might Just Save Your Love