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Discover How Your Spring Cleaning Can Be A Breeze

(And You’ll Still Have Time To Get Outside And Enjoy The Weather!)

Hello my dear friends and clients.  This is one of my favorite times of year!  Outside “Mother Nature” is cleaning up the dead and brown world of winter and transforming it into the colorful, bright days of spring.  No wonder we all feel like “breathing some life” into our own homes and busying ourselves with a little “Spring Cleaning.”

But sometimes it can be overwhelming.  Where do you start?  You could end up with “analysis paralysis” and either not get your projects done  – or worse – not get out there to enjoy any of the beautiful spring weather.  So here is Spring Cleaning Made Easy – Courtesy of your favorite carpet cleaner with a little help from Martha Stewart.  (You think I can come up with all of this on my own?)

A little search on the web located a great checklist on  Ivillage credits Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook: The Essential Guide to Caring for Everything in Your Home for the information.  So here is my own version of the checklist for you:

Kitchen: Living Room:

  Vacuum refrigerator and coil   Rotate out winter rugs & throws for summer ones

  Wipe out the inside of the freezer & fridge   Vacuum or dust blinds or curtains

  Professionally Steam Clean Carpets & Furniture

(Call 419-529-6422 for specials)

Bedrooms: Bathrooms:

  Launder or dry clean bedding   Discard expired cosmetics, beauty products, medications, etc.

  Vacuum or dust blinds or curtains

  Professionally Steam Clean Carpets Home Office:

(Call 419-529-6422 for specials)    Clean out files

   Review and update insurance policies, etc.

Closets:   Professionally Steam Clean Carpets

  Reorganize closets & clear out clutter (Call 419-529-6422 for specials)

  Switch out cold weather clothes for warm

Utility Spaces: Outdoor Spaces:

  Change or clean air filters   Clean & prep outdoor furniture

  Clean dryer vent   Clean gutters & windows (remove & store storm windows)

Throughout the House:

  Dust moldings & heating vents

  Clean all blinds and window coverings

  Reseal stone and/or grout

  Oil squeaky hinges & clean door hardware

  Wash or vacuum walls and ceilings (where needed)

  Drink a tall glass of iced tea and call 419-529-6422.  Then relax while I professionally:

  Clean your area rugs

  Clean your carpets

  Clean your upholstery

  Clean your RV

Services Provided

1. Emergency Water Extraction

If your home or business becomes flooded from a Broken water pipe, Heavy rain, Dishwasher leaks, Toilet overflows, Hot water tank breaks, Ice maker on your refrigerator leaks, or your sump pump quits working CALL US! We have an emergency response team ready everyday at any time. Yes we make house calls at 3:00 A.M. We are able to completely dry out your carpet, walls, ceilings and any personal items you may have. We can even dry out hardwood floors, instead of ripping them out. We do everything possible NOT to just come in and rip out all the carpet and walls and anything that got wet. That’s not how we do business!

2. Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Shambaughs has the technology to refinish your hardwood floors with NO dust and NO smell. We can refinish them usually in one day. You are able to walk on your newly refinished floor in as little as 8 hours. In 24 hours you are able to put the furniture back.  For hardwoods that have been severely abused we can completely sand them back down and re-coat them with polyurethane. This procedure takes a little longer. But in some cases it’s necessary. We can also clean and buff your hardwoods which a lot of times will save you the cost of refinishing.

3.  Tile & Grout Cleaning/ Sealing

Shambaugh’s are able to make those filthy grout lines look new again AND keep them looking new. We scrub your floors with our special formulated grout cleaner, then blast it off with very hot, high pressure water. There is no mess. After it is cleaned we can apply a sealer that lasts around ten years. Protecting your grout from permanent stains and making it easy for you to maintain.

4.  Furnace Duct Cleaning

For those with dusty homes, allergies or any breathing problems…Duct cleaning is a great place to start. On average your ducts should be cleaned every 3-5 years. We have a large vacuum that hooks up close to your furnace. It sucks in about a 100 times greater than your furnace blows out. Then we remove your vents one at a time and take high pressure air and brushes. The brushes and air blows all the debris back down toward the vacuum. On average a duct cleaning job should take between 5-8 hours to clean properly.

5. Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental, European, and handmade rugs need a little more care compared to wall to wall carpet.  Wool and Silk Rugs are hand washed in our spa pit. Several tests are performed before the cleaning even begins to make sure the dyes aren’t going to bleed. If the dyes are stable we proceed to pre vacuuming. In this stage we have swept out as much as 10lbs of dirt. Yuck! We use specialized cleaning agents that carefully lift away the soils. After thoroughly rinsing, we speed dry the rug. The rug is dry in a few hours. Then we professionally wrap it and deliver back with a smile.

Discover How Your Spring Cleaning Can Be A Breeze