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Discover The Professional’s “Secret” To Keeping Carpets Looking New For A Long, Long Time…

Hello friends and clients!  How would you like to have a dinner party and not even flinch when your overly animated neighbor knocks over his glass of red wine?  Or, how would you like to have “pizza night” with the family and not bat an eye when Junior drops his slice of greasy pepperoni face down on the carpet?

Maybe until now things like red wine and pizza have been banished to the kitchen because of your fears of ruining your beautiful carpet.  Well fear not.  Today’s carpet protection is the professional carpet cleaner’s best “secret” to extending the life of your carpet.

What Exactly Is “Carpet Protection”?

When you got your carpet new, the factory had applied a product that coated each fiber and created a barrier of sorts against stains, soils and oils.  But with time, wear, and even cleanings this protective coat begins to diminish and needs to be re-applied.

That’s where I can help.  I can re-apply a factory-approved product that will keep your carpet looking and performing as good as new.  A lot of folks skip this important step and end up with stained, tired looking carpet that looks old before it’s time.  If you are one of those people who never saw the value of re-applying carpet protection, just think of it as the “SPF of carpets”.  You wouldn’t dare go out in the sun these days without your layer of SPF “protection” to keep your skin looking fresh and new.  Well, your carpet needs its protection too!  It needs that little layer of protection to protect against everything from dry soils to grease and wine spills.

Of course, when you protect your carpet it doesn’t mean you can just let spots and spills sit there – all spills and spots must be attended to promptly.  I recommend using hot tap water with a touch of mild soap (no bleach!)  and just blotting with a clean absorbent white towel  – never rub or scrub because you’ll only tear up your fibers.

Still, sometimes I hear this….

“I’ve Paid For Carpet Protection Before & Couldn’t Tell A Difference.”

That could be a good thing.  You want your carpet to perform as it did new from the factory.  However, there are instances where a cleaner may not be using a good product, may not be applying it correctly, or may not use the proper tools to apply it with.  That’s why I guarantee everything – even the performance of my carpet protection – with a 100% money back guarantee.

Now, to encourage you to remember to protect your carpet I’m offering an irresistible offer for the month of July.  Check it out!

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Discover The Professional’s “Secret” To Keeping Carpets Looking New For A Long, Long Time…