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Don’t Roll The Dice On Your Chances Holiday Carpet Cleaning

Don’t Roll The Dice On Your Chances For A Holiday Carpet Cleaning!

             Hello friends and clients.  The holiday season is upon us and that means my schedule will be getting filled up…so please don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your carpet cleaning in Mansfield, Ohio.  After all…

Why Gamble With Your Carpets?

Your carpet is one of your home’s biggest investments, and it does NOT have to appear dirty to be
getting worn out by soils and dirt.  These soils get deep into the carpet and grind away at the fibers, making the appearance of worn out, tired and dingy traffic lanes. 
Your carpets need to be professionally cleaned every 6-12 months to prevent permanent damage.  Besides, dingy traffic lanes and/or dark spills and spots reflect a home that is not so tidy.  With all the guests that frequent your home in the holiday season don’t get caught with dirty carpets.

Don’t Take A Chance On Missing Out On This Special Offer:

Call me out this month and here is what you will get…

·  Clean, fresh, healthy carpet.

·  You will have one less thing on your checklist in November and December. 

·  You will save $30.00 off your carpet cleaning

·  BONUS:   Call me before January 31, 2022 to touch up spots and spills for FREE.

How can you resist?  Now you know that your carpets need cleaning every 6-12 months even if they don’t look dirty.  But if you are anything like 99% of my clients “life” catches up with your carpets and yes…they start to look a little dirty.  So don’t wait to call me before October 31, 2021 because…

Waiting Until November or December To Call Me For A Cleaning Appointment Is Like Playing The Roulette Table…

November and December I get a rush of calls from clients wanting their carpets looking beautiful for guests and parties.  But I just can’t fit everyone in.  So beat the crowds and clean in October.  Your carpets will be bright, clean and fluffy just in time for the holidays.

Beat The Odds By
Cleaning Before October 31, 2021!

Call Shambaugh Cleaning& Restoration before October 31, 2021 &

You will Save $30.00 Off Your Carpet Cleaning, Area Rugs, Tile & Grout,
Air Ducts, Upholstery, & Hardwood Floor Cleaning

$20.00 Off Carpet Protections

PLUS Get A Spot And Spill Clean Up For Free!* (A $99 Value!)

Call Shambaugh Cleaning & Restoration at 419-529-6422

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*Some restrictions apply. Not valid with other offers. *Minimum charge applies!

Don’t Roll The Dice On Your Chances Holiday Carpet Cleaning