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“Fall” For This Great Offer And You’ll Be Thanking Me When The Holidays Arrive!

Hello Friends & Clients! I think it is officially Fall around here. And for Carpet Cleaners that is the Season that “Falls” between busy and busier. This is kind of the lull between the frenzy of Summer cleanings and the crazy Holiday cleanings. So, to pick things up a bit I want to give you an offer you can’t refuse.

How About Cleaning Those Carpets Before Your Life Gets REALLY Busy With
Holiday “To Do” Lists & Guests?

October is really a great month to get a jump start on those carpets. Remember, carpets don’t have to look dirty to need a cleaning. Just everyday life with carpet: the foot traffic, the pets, the kids, the indoor pollutants and the dust mites are enough to need to clean every 6-12 months. And keep in mind, once the carpet looks dirty there could be permanent wear and tear.

With that said, the only other reasons people usually want to wait this time of year are: #1: “I want to wait and clean right before my guests arrive.” Or, #2: “I want to wait and clean right after the holidays – to clean up the messes people make.”

But here are some even better reasons NOT to wait: Reason #1 to clean in October: “Call now and have your pick of the schedule. If you wait until right before guests arrive you may not get an appointment because everyone else had that same idea!” And, Reason #2 to clean in October: “Clean now and I’ll clean up the spots and spills after the parties for free!”

Need Another Reason To Start Crossing Off
Your “To Do List” Early This Year?

Reason #3 to clean in October: A HUGE cash discount! If you call me at 419-529-6422 and clean in the month of October I’ll give you $45.00 cash off your cleaning. PLUS, I’ll clean up spots & spills for FREE through January 2019! Now that is an offer to “fall” for!

Looking for a Superior Carpet Cleaning Company? You Are at the right Spot!

Check This One Off Your Holiday To-Do List!

Call Shambaugh Cleaning & Restoration at 419-529-6422 before October 31, 2019 and receive $45.00* Cash
off your Carpet, Upholstery, Tile & Grout, and Air Duct Cleaning!

PLUS – you get spots and spills cleaned up for FREE through January 2020!

*Minimum Charge Applies

“Fall” For This Great Offer And You’ll Be Thanking Me When The Holidays Arrive!