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February Specials: Fall In Love All Over Again… With Your Carpet..

Fall In Love All Over Again…

With Your Carpet…

6 Reasons Why If You Call Me Today –

You’ll Love Your Carpet Tomorrow!

Hello friends and clients!  It’s Shambaugh Cleaning & Restoration, your friendly carpet cupid…oops I mean cleaner.  Love is in the air this month so I’ve arranged for you to fall in love with your carpet again.  Too many people neglect their poor carpet this time of year, thinking they need to wait for sunny spring days before they give me a call.  So I’m here to change all that.  Here are 6 reasons to love your carpet by calling me today…

Reason #1:  You get prime choice in my little black book (schedule book that is!)  February is usually a really slow month for me so that means you don’t have to wait for an appointment.  I can usually accommodate you and your carpets within a day or two this time of year.  So call today and clean tomorrow.

Reason #2:  You save lots of money!  Because this is my “off season” so-to-speak, you’ll get my biggest savings and discounts.  So now you have more money to spend on life’s necessities like roses and chocolates.  (See my special offer below!)

Reason #3:  Love your carpet and it will love you back with healthier indoor air.  I’ll bet you’re spending more time indoors this time of year.  That means you probably want your indoor air to be healthy and clean.  Cleaning your carpet cleans your indoor air.  Just imagine, with every step you take right now you are releasing thousands of pollutants and allergens into your home’s air.  Call me today and you will breathe easier tomorrow.

Reason #4:  You’ll be toasty warm inside!  A lot of people don’t like to clean in the winter because they think I’m going to leave their door open and let in all the cold air.  But it isn’t so!  I have special door covers to keep you warm inside and the cold outside.  Plus, with my unique drying process your carpets will dry almost as fast as they do on those hot summer days!

Reason #5:  You’ll get my no heartache, no spot and spill 3 month guarantee.  That means that if you clean in February I’ll clean up any spots or spills you might have for free through the month of May.  

Reason #6:  Fall in love with your carpet again.  Love is in the air so don’t neglect your carpet.  If you’re putting off a much needed cleaning until spring…irreparable damage and wear could result.  If it’s been at least 6 months since your last cleaning, soils and dirt trapped deep inside your carpet are breaking down and wearing your carpet’s fibers.  Call me today and after I clean you will fall in love with your carpet like you did when it was brand new.  Plus, you’ll be protecting your investment, and getting a superior clean, so check out this great offer below…

February’s “Fall In Love Again…With Your Carpet” Special

You Save $50.00 CASH*

That’s right, pick up the phone and call me today at 419-529-6422. 

If you schedule your appointment in February you’ll save a whopping $50.00 cash off your cleaning
PLUS get spots and spills cleaned up for free through the month of May 2019.

But hurry cupid is ending this offer on February 28, 2019 call now!

*Not valid with other offers. Minimum Charge Applies

February Specials: Fall In Love All Over Again… With Your Carpet..