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February Specials: I Am Looking For 55 Volunteers For Big Savings. Can I Count You In?

Best Special of the Year Extended!!!

First Time Ever, Insider’s Secrets Reveals:
I Am Looking For 55 Volunteers For BIG Savings Can I Count YOU In?

Dear Friend and Client:

I am about to expose a few facts MOST carpet cleaners do not want YOU to know…

All carpet cleaners share a dirty little secret. The secret I am about to reveal to you will save you time and money, and give you the inside edge when dealing with any carpet cleaning company. It will also maximize the health benefits you get from your freshly cleaned carpets.

I have decided to share this with you for two reasons. First, I feel that because you are my client, you are my friend and I owe it to you to look out for you. Second, even though I am a carpet cleaner myself, I figured out a way to make this benefit both of us.

Okay, here it is:

January and February are the slowest months of the year for carpet cleaners.

“Big deal,” you say. Bear with me. It gets a lot better. . .

In fact, it’s so slow in January and February that we wish we could hibernate.

Unfortunately, we still have to pay for food, our shop, our truck payments and most other overhead. On top of that, we worry about losing our best employees as they wander off looking for greener pastures. At this time, carpet cleaners are vulnerable, and will do anything for work.

Cleaners’ prices will be at their lowest, because they want to attract work. Even if they give their service away at break even prices, at least they keep their technicians busy and cover overhead.

This means big savings for you, if you know how to capitalize on this opportunity. But there are other great reasons to clean at this time as well.

Lots of people are under the mistaken impression that carpets somehow stay clean longer if cleaned in the spring. The truth is, that summer dust, teaming with germs and bacteria, blows into your house along with pollens and pollutants. While you are out enjoying the nice weather your house is getting all polluted. You never get to enjoy a healthy home, because it is contaminated by fall when you start to spend more time indoors, breathing all that recycled gunk. Winter cleaning insures that your indoor environment will be healthiest when you need it.

Another misconception is that the carpet won’t dry during the winter. The truth is, that if you follow my simple drying instructions, the drying time is only two hours more.

While carpet cleaners sit around getting arthritis in January and February, we also know that we will be so busy this year starting in March, that we won’t be able to serve everyone that needs to call us.

This means in spring it’s difficult to get the appointment date you want, and we are scheduled so tightly that if anyone’s carpet takes longer to clean than we expect, we get behind and end up being late. So, cleaning in winter gets you faster service, more flexible appointment times, and the technicians are given extra time to make certain that the carpet dries fast.

As you now know, because it’s slow in the winter, that’s when the greatest savings are. In fact, from now on, I guarantee that we will never give a lower priced special each year than you get in January and February.

So here’s how to take advantage of carpet cleaning in winter time:

I Need 55 Volunteers For Big Savings . . .

Out of my long list of happy clients, I want just 50 volunteers to move from spring-cleaning up to winter-cleaning. I know you want to help, so I have prepared a list of great offers that I’ll bet you can’t resist.

Here’s Your Best Offers For The Entire Year Of 2018

For The First 55 Volunteers Only

Best Offer #1: You get your choice of the lowest priced advertised special or every 3rd room of carpet cleaning free, or every 3rd upholstery item cleaned free. My technicians will help you figure out which special saves you the most money.

Best Offer #2: In addition to picking your own best special, I have included a coupon that will save a friend another $50.

Best Offer #3: Everybody I do work for seems to love Nordstrom’s. Since we are the “Nordstrom’s” of carpet cleaning, I am going to give you an extra $25 off Tile & Grout Cleaning!

My minimum charge of $155.00 still applies, but so do all my no-risk, iron clad guarantees. You will feel the service we give you is the best you have ever gotten or we will clean it again free to make it right. If you are still not pleased for any reason, I will refund all your money . . .

Call now and be one of the first 55 volunteers. Do it for yourself. Do it for me, or for my technicians kids with their big puppy dog eyes. Do it to fight the welfare state. Just do it . . .

Call 419-529-6422 right now!

February Specials: I Am Looking For 55 Volunteers For Big Savings. Can I Count You In?