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Fire,Smoke,Soot Mansfield Ohio

Fires are very traumatic events. Most people in Mansfield have little experience dealing with the aftermath of a significant fire. We can provide you with information that will be helpful to you in this time of crisis. Remember that you are not alone when disaster strikes.Shambaugh’s Restoration will help you from initial mitigation to the final construction. We are a family owned restoration company located in Mansfield,Ohio.

There are to many actions required in a fire to mention here but the following tips will help you in an emergency situation:

What you should DO:

  • Contact a furnace technician if your furnace has malfunctioned.
  • Contact Shambaugh’s Restoration for an evaluation and restoration plan.
  • Contact your insurance company.
  • Make arrangements for housing if damage is severe.
  • Exhaust smoke if possible.
  • Remove any pets and plants when possible.
  • Put a thin film of Vaseline on metal surfaces to protect it until cleaned.

What you should NOT DO:

  • Attempt to clean structure before a cleaning assessment has been conducted.
  • Eat food that has been exposed to contamination.

Fire,Smoke,Soot Mansfield Ohio