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Four Fire Damage Threats During The Christmas Season

fire damage repair mansfieldWe all know about all of the good things that go along with the Christmas season. However, we often neglect the negative aspects of the reason. One of these negative aspects is the increased risk of fire damage.

Fire Damage Repair Mansfield

From our fire damage restoration pros at Shambaugh Cleaning, here are four major fire damage threats during the Christmas season.

Christmas Lights And Christmas Trees

Christmas trees and lights are great for the holiday spirit but not so great for fire prevention. They typically lead to fire damage in two different ways. These are lights overheating or malfunctioning and starting a fire or dry Christmas trees acting like kindling for a fire. Even a small spark can lead to a Christmas tree catching ablaze.

The obvious way to avoid this is to use an artificial Christmas, but many people appreciate the authenticity of a real Christmas tree. Instead, you could use lights that are certified to be safer. You should also ensure that you turn off your lights each night to prevent overheating.

For preventing dry Christmas trees, the solution is pretty simple — keep them watered well! It’s also a good idea to get rid of your Christmas tree soon after Christmas so it doesn’t begin to die and dry out.


Candles are also a holiday favorite. However, they are one of the biggest fire damage threats out there. While they may seem safe enough, a candle is literally an open flame in your house. A small accident or mishap can cause your candle to fall and set your home ablaze. Experts recommend using alternatives to candles that still produce desirable smells but do not require an open flame. If you do choose to use a candle in your home, make sure you are well aware of the hazards and take care to prevent any candle-induced fires from starting.

Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations, like Christmas trees, are also great for getting into the holiday spirit. However, because you are probably not used to having these decorations around and because they can be loose-hanging, they can also be a fire damage threat. For instance, if an ornament is hanging in your kitchen it could be inadvertently exposed to a heat source and catch fire. Be careful when placing holiday decorations so they are not in a place that could add to the threat of a fire.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are a lifesaver during the cold winter months. However, they are also a serious fire damage threat. The main mistake people make with space heaters is that they mistakenly place them next to flammable materials. In the course of a few minutes or hours, this can cause these items to catch ablaze. Also, unless you need to, it is advisable to turn off your space heaters overnight.

The holidays should be a time of rejoicing not fire damage cleanup. Call us at Shambaugh Cleaning today for any questions or for assistance dealing with fire damage in your home.

Four Fire Damage Threats During The Christmas Season