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Four Myths About Carpet Cleaning in Delaware

carpet cleaning delaware ohio, carpet cleaning services delaware ohio, professional carpet cleaningThere’s a lot of information out there about carpet cleaning, and not all of it is accurate. To help you avoid buying into any of the prevalent myths about carpet cleaning out there, here are four of the most common according to our experts at Shambaugh Cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning In Delaware Ohio

Cleaning My Carpets Will Make Them Get Dirty More Quickly In The Future

This myth compels some people to put off having their carpet professionally cleaned for as long as possible. Fortunately, this is not the case. Having your carpets professionally cleaned is always a good thing for the appeal and longevity of your carpet. That isn’t to say, however, that there isn’t some merit to this myth. Older, less sophisticated carpet cleaning methods used to leave high levels of moisture in the carpet that would attract more dirt and contaminants. Cleaning your carpet incorrectly on your own can also lead to this. Nonetheless, if you hire a professional to take care of your carpet you don’t need to worry about this problem.

Steam Cleaning Can Make Mold Grow In My Carpet

Steam cleaning is a popular carpet cleaning method, but some people have been discouraged from doing so because they fear steam cleaning will make mold grow in their carpet. When steam cleaning is done right, however, you don’t need to worry about this threat. All in all, steam cleaning is a great choice for preserving your carpet so don’t let the risk of mold hold you back.

Vacuuming Too Much Can Damage My Carpet

Modern carpet is designed to hold up under lots of use, and that includes consistent vacuuming. So, you shouldn’t hold off vacuuming regularly to preserve your carpet. Certain high traffic areas of a home should be vacuumed daily and that won’t make the carpet wear out more quickly. Although, you should be cautious of vacuuming at the wrong setting. If you consistently vacuum with the vacuum set too low you could actually damage the carpet over an extended period of time.

Steam Cleaning Will Shrink My Carpet And Upholstery

Most installed carpet is made of synthetic materials that will not shrink. However, we test everything before we clean to ensure that there will be no problems. If we find a carpet or piece of upholstery that may have problems with “steam cleaning”, we can employ one of the other 4 cleaning methods to ensure as good a job as possible. Keep in mind, however, that the vast majority of carpeting and upholstery is perfectly safe to “steam clean” so long as the technician knows exactly what they are doing.

We hope this post makes you more capable of sorting fact from fiction when it comes to carpet cleaning. Nonetheless, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Shambaugh Cleaning for any carpet cleaning services or even questions you have about how to best treat your carpet in Delaware Ohio.

Four Myths About Carpet Cleaning in Delaware