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Four Steps You Can Take To Fortify Your Mansfield Home Against Water Damage Cleanup

water damage cleanup mansfield ohio, water damage restoration mansfield ohio, water damage repair mansfield ohWater damage is one of the most common issues that homeowners deal with. Without taking the proper precautions, the odds are that your home will suffer from water damage at some point. From our cleaning and restoration professionals at Shambaugh Cleaning in Mansfield, Ohio below are four simple things you can do TODAY to prevent water damage.

Water Damage Cleanup In Mansfield

Clean Out Your Gutters

Your rain gutters are an essential part of your home’s fortifications against water damage. During heavy rain storms, they plan an important role in diverting water away from your home. When rain gutters become clogged, they are unable to do their job, and water spills over the top of them instead. This causes the rainwater to pool around the foundation of your home and possibly leak into your basement. Fortunately, it only takes a ladder and an hour or so of your time to keep you gutters clean.

Invest In Window Well Covers

Window well covers are a small investment, but they can save you from significant expense in the long run. This is because window wells are so vulnerable to flooding. Even a small flaw in the seal of the window can cause large amounts of flood water to rush into your basement. It takes just a few dollars and a few minutes of your time to buy a window well cover and install it so don’t hesitate doing so if you don’t own any.

Safeguard Your Electrical Systems

Problems that many people face after having their home flooded are electrical issues. There are multiple different ways that floods can compromise your electrical system, but the best way to prevent this from happening is raising your electrical outlets to at least one foot above the expected flood level. Also, if you do have a flood make sure that your electricity is turned off before entering the home to make sure you don’t get electrocuted.

Install Water Leak Detection Devices

Water leak detection devices are simple tools that alert you if your home is flooding. What makes them so valuable is that floods are so time-sensitive. Every minute longer the floodwater continues to rush into your home significantly increases the damage your home may sustain. With a water leak detection device, you can know the moment a flood begins so you can stop it in its tracks. To make matters better, water leak detection devices are very affordable and only take a few minutes to install. If you are debating buying some, take our word for it. They are worth it!

Even after taking all the proper precautions, water damage sometimes still can’t be prevented. If this is the unfortunate case for you, you at least don’t have to handle the water damage restoration process on your own. We at Shambaugh Cleaning in Mansfield, Ohio are just one call away and ready to respond to any and all of your water damage restoration needs.

Four Steps You Can Take To Fortify Your Mansfield Home Against Water Damage Cleanup