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Frequently Asked Questions About Water Damage And How To Deal With Cleanup:

water damage cleanup mansfield oh, water damage mansfield oh, water damage repair mansfield ohWater damage is one of the most common homeowners’ issues. If you’re a Mansfield, Ohio homeowner and experiencing a flood for the first time, you’ve come to the right place. Our team has listed 5 of the most frequently asked questions about home flooding and water damage. Here they are:

Water Damage Cleanup In Mansfield, OH

What happens to my home when flooding occurs?

The first thing to happen usually is water contact with drywall, which causes sagging, and disintegration. You’ll see bubbling of the paint. Flooring can warp and buckle. Wood will swell, and eventually rot. The carpet separates from the backing, a process called delamination.

Why is it unwise to attempt to clean up water damage by myself?

Cleaning up water spills in your home yourself isn’t a bad idea, until you have water that seeps into areas that can’t be easily seen or accessed. Unaddressed water can cause structural issues, or mold and mildew (and associated smells.) To avoid future issues, call for professional help for any water damage restoration that is beyond surface-level (i.e. a spill on your laundry room floor that you saw happen.)

What will the professional process of water damage restoration most likely look like?

Services look different depending on your particular water damage situation and needs. In general, a cleaning crew will begin by assessing the situation, extracting the water and containing the affected area, remove non-salvageable damaged materials, catalog damage, disinfect/clean affected areas, create a drying current with dehumidifiers and industrial air movers, monitor the progress of drying, and, finally, wrap up odds and ends and communicate with your insurance company.

Can water damage be prevented?

It depends. Largely, the answer is yes. Water damage from neglected roof repairs, broken pipes, old, brittle appliance hoses, or plumbing fails can usually be prevented with good maintenance of your home and equipment. Sometimes, water damage that has already begun occurring can be prevented from getting worse, if you closely monitor your water bill. Unexpected spikes in your water bill from month to month may indicate that you have a leaky pipe somewhere in your home. That being said, almost everyone experiences water damage at some point in life, so it’s not totally preventable. Water damage from acts of nature are largely not preventable.

Will my carpet need to be replaced after water damage?

If the carpet has been sitting in water for an extended period of time, or has begun delaminating, or if the water is from a non-clean source (like sewage), it usually needs to be replaced. If a restoration crew gets to it soon enough, though, often carpets can be cleaned and dried without needing to replace them fully.

If you’re experiencing water damage and in need of a competent cleanup expert, and fast, Shambaugh Cleaning ought to be your first call. We hope to help you restore your home to normal as soon as possible. In any event, we wish you all the best in your water damage restoration journey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Damage And How To Deal With Cleanup: