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Hardwood Floors In Need of Some Sprucing Up?

Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Top Five Reasons People Fear Maintaining Their Wood Floors

-You are afraid of having your floors recoated because of the dusty mess!

-You are concerned about the toxic fumes and the health issues of finishing your floors.

-You don’t want your home turned upside down for several days while your floors are being refinished.

-You don’t want to take a second mortgage on your home to make your floors look good again.

-You are tired of not knowing which product to use on your wood floors to maintain their appearance and not harm the finish.

Do you have hardwood floors that look dull and worn? Do you fall in the top five reasons of maintaining your hardwood? Don’t worry, your floors can be renewed! In the past recoating floors has been frowned upon because of poor adhesion caused from improper conditioning of the floor prior to the recoat. New technology has addressed these problems and created excellent products with superior bonding agents in their finishes to insure the best results possible. These new finishes can be used over both oil base and water borne finishes and on all types of wood, including pre-finished flooring.

Why you don’t want to delay getting your Hardwood Refinishing Evaluation any longer!

Most people wait to long before having their wood floors recoated creating traffic patterns and worn spots that actually create bear wood spots. The result can be an expensive sand and refinish job.

We can help you evaluate if these problems are starting to occur and make suggestions on how to prevent them. If you already have problems, we will be able to inform you if a repair can be made or if you need a complete sand and refinish.

Chips and scratches not filled or repaired can become larger or allow moisture into the flooring system creating further damage.

Our evaluation will help you make an informed decision if our Rx for Wood Floor Programs are for you.

Below are before and after pictures of our Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing. Notice how the hardwood is brought back to life!

Hardwood Floors In Need of Some Sprucing Up?