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How Can I Get Rid Of That Musty, Stale Winter Home Smell?

carpet cleaning mansfield ohioThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that Americans spend up to 90% of their time indoors. It’s  important for your health to keep your home as clean and fresh smelling as possible. It’s also a lot more pleasant.

While you may not notice odors on a day to day basis, coming home from out of town can be an eye opener. Really it is your nose that reminds you that the air in your home is not as fresh as it should be. If you have already taken out the trash and cleaned the fridge, here are some other housekeeping tips to improve your indoor air quality.

Carpet Cleaning In Mansfield Ohio

Get An Air Purifier

These small appliance sized fans go far beyond just moving air. Hepa Filters remove 99.97% of dust, pollen, smoke, odor, mold spores and pet dander. While using it alone won’t be enough to remove a bad smell, it will absolutely keep the home smelling better after you have cleaned it.

Increase Ventilation

Of course your home is closed up tighter in the winter to keep the heat in. But it also keeps any foul odors. When a break in  weather allows, open up the windows and get some fresh air in your house. That will get clean air moving in and stale air out.

Use the exhaust fans when cooking to remove food smells.  Switch the ceiling fans to winter mood and run them on low. They will actually help keep your home more comfortable by keeping the warm air from settling up near the ceiling.

Follow Up After Pets

Keeping the cat box clean goes without saying! You also need to keep all fabrics that the pets use clean. Wash (or replace) dog beds. Shampoo the couches if the animals nap and snuggle  there with you.

Clean Your Carpets Every Winter

The biggest source of home odors is the dirt, grease and other particles that become trapped in the carpet. As they grind into the fibers and pile, they start to develop a unique odor that permeates the house. Professional carpet cleaning by Shambaugh Cleaning will remove some odors as well as dirt, dust, mud, and other such debris. Pet stains and smells might require additional steps and products for lasting odor control. Let the technician inspect your carpets for a truthful assessment about your results.

Mold And Mildew

Mold and mildew have a damp, musty, pungent scent—ranging from the scent of an old library to the smell of wet socks to rotting wood. This musty smell indicates that mold or mildew is growing on or within your home. You might have some water damage under the sink, near the front door threshold, or around the windowsills. You might also have mold in your carpet.

When moisture lingers on rugs, it can seep down into the carpet pad and subfloor. If there is a constant source of water, it can start to degrade fibers and rot wood. Then you’ll not only need to fix the carpet, but also the underlying floors. If you find damp carpets or rugs, identify the source. The experts at Shambaugh Cleaning and Restoration can repair and restore all the resulting water damage as they address the carpet.

For Quality Carpet Cleaning In Mansfield

Professional carpet cleaning contributes to better air quality. Shambaugh uses only the best and most effective carpet cleaning equipment and methods to leave your carpets clean and fresh. Don’t settle for surface-level treatments. Shambaugh Cleaning will get deep into your carpet fibers to make sure they’re thoroughly cleaned. Effective hot water extraction method utilizes steam to release dirt and soils, and high-powered extraction equipment collects all the dirty water leaving behind only clean carpets.

Refresh your home with Shambaugh Carpet Services. They have the tools and expertise to bring your carpets back to life. Since 1985, they have been keeping Mansfield homes clean, fresh and healthy.

How Can I Get Rid Of That Musty, Stale Winter Home Smell?