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How To Maintain A Fire Sprinkler System

fire damage repair mansfieldFire sprinklers are a significant help in reducing fire damage in homes. They react quickly and reduce heat, flames, and smoke when a fire eventually breaks out. When they are properly installed and maintained, they can potentially save your home and lives. It’s important to understand what they are, how they work, and how to maintain them to ensure that they do the job they are intended for.

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What Is A Fire Sprinkler System?

An in-home fire sprinkler system is a network of pipes connected to various sprinklers in the ceiling. These pipes stay filled with pressurized water so the sprinklers can immediately blast the flames with water in the event of a fire. It shares the water with the home’s plumbing pipes so that every time water moves through the house, fresh water is running through the sprinkler system. This way, stagnant water isn’t released in the event of a fire.

How Does A Fire Sprinkler System Work?

It is commonly believed that the sprinkler system is set off by the detection of smoke. However, they are set off by heat instead. Once the air temperature reaches a certain point (usually between 135 and 165 degrees), a glass bulb filled with a mixture of glycerin and water shatters. This event triggers the valve to open on the sprinkler, activating the sprinkler to spray water on the fire. These sprinklers are meant to keep the fire from getting out of control until the fire department can arrive on the scene.

How To Maintain A Fire Sprinkler System

Keeping the sprinkler system maintained is essential in ensuring they will work when they are needed most. Luckily, they are pretty low maintenance and only need to be checked on periodically. There are some simple steps you can take to check that your sprinklers are in tip-top shape. First, you can do a flow and pressure test or hire a sprinkler contractor to do so. Do a visual inspection of the sprinklers and controls, and watch for any visual changes that could be suspicious such as corrosion or mineral buildup. Never hang anything on the sprinklers as that is a huge hazard. Do not paint or block these sprinklers in any way. If they are blocked, they will not put out a fire as intended. Use a padlock to ensure that the water valve is always on.

It’s extremely important to take the proper steps to prevent fires in any possible way. A fire sprinkler system is an extremely effective way to help prevent small fires or keep large fires at bay. If you experience a fire, it can be extremely stressful, especially when considering the fire damage repair process. Luckily, professionals at Shambaugh are always available to help you with your restoration needs, no matter the amount of damage. Always take preventive steps to stop fires from getting worse. However, if it does, there are professionals you can rely on to relieve the stress of fire damage.

How To Maintain A Fire Sprinkler System