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July Specials: You Wouldn’t Go Out Into The Summer Sun Without Wearing Protection Would You?

Hello friend.  Just like you protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, you need to protect one of your home’s most expensive investments from the harmful effects of daily wear and tear.  And you do this with by having a factory approved carpet protection reapplied.

“What is ‘carpet protection’ anyway?”

When your carpet was new from the factory, each fiber was protected with a product that created a resistance to stains, soil and oil.   Just as your sunscreen extends the life and beauty of your skin, this resistance helps extend the life and beauty of your carpet.  After your cleaning, I can re-apply a factory approved product that will keep your carpet looking and performing as good as new.  And don’t worry, we can work with you and tailor a program that keeps your carpet fully protected without breaking the budget.   For example, after assessing your family’s needs you may find that only certain areas of the home need the protection re-applied or that you only need to reapply protection after every few cleanings.  I’ll write you the “prescription” that’s perfect for your needs and wants.

“How do I know if the ‘carpet protection’ is working?”

You want your carpet to perform as it did when it was new from the factory.  But remember nothing makes your carpet “bullet proof.”   Just like your sunscreen has limitations, so do the protective products for your carpet.  But, if a good quality product is applied properly you will have carpet that resists stains (that are promptly attended to) and carpet that resists wear and tear (as long as it’s properly maintained.)  Besides that’s why I guarantee everything – even the performance of my carpet protection – with a 100% money back guarantee. So don’t wait another minute. Call me today at 419-529-6422!

Summer Special!

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July Specials: You Wouldn’t Go Out Into The Summer Sun Without Wearing Protection Would You?