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June Specials! Could You Use Some Free Money? Then Just Remember These 4 Little Words…

Hello friend!  Don’t you just love getting a little extra cash?  Especially when you weren’t expecting it.  It’s fun!  Do you know what else is fun?  Helping your friends and family and making them feel happy!  Here is how you can do both of these “fun” things at the same time…

Everybody Loves It When You Do This…

When was the last time you told a friend, family member, or co-worker about a really great restaurant, book or movie?  And, when they took your recommendation and were so happy that you pointed them in the right direction….didn’t that feel great?

People love it when you do the “footwork” and find something great for them.  You save your friends/family time and money and possible disappointment when you show them the way to a good experience.  You do this when you recommend good books, movies, doctors, hairstylists, restaurants or…even your carpet cleaner.

It’s not easy to find great companies.  And carpet cleaners are no exception.  Do you know how many “professional carpet cleaners” don’t have much more experience than pushing a vacuum?  Do you realize how many carpets are left over-wet or with residue?  Or how many “pros” don’t understand how to properly and permanently remove spots?  These errors lead to rapid re-soiling and perpetuate the myths that carpet cleaning “doesn’t work.”

It’s hard to find a cleaner with a thorough knowledge in the chemistry of cleaning, with 100% money-back guarantee on all their work, five star service, and someone who handles your home with “kid gloves!”  But you managed to find me.

4 Little Words To Remember…

You see where I’m going with this don’t you?  Now you have the chance to help your friends and family find a great professional cleaner.  Plus, I will give you a gift certificate worth 10% of their cleaning for you to use off your next cleaning. That equals a chance for you to help people, while you look really cool and make some free money for your next appointment!  All because you simply remember to say these 4 little words, “Try my carpet cleaner.” Bonus:  One free room of carpet cleaning as a gift from you to anyone you refer!  That’s a $42 value!

A Deal For You…

Carpet Cleaning:  You Save $25 Off*
Upholstery Cleaning: You Save $25 Off*
Clients Only: $50 Worth of Carpet Protection Just $30!*

Please Call Shambaugh Cleaning and Restoration a419-529-6422

You Must Contact Me Before June 30, 2015 for these current specials.

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*Some restrictions apply.  Not valid with other offers.

June Specials! Could You Use Some Free Money? Then Just Remember These 4 Little Words…