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June Specials: Why Does Your Carpet Cleaner Want to Buy You & A Friend Dinner?

I Want To Send You & A Friend To Dinner At The Nicest Restaurant In Town….

And I’ll Even Pay For The Babysitter!

Hello friends and clients!  How would you like to have a wonderful night out with someone special at the nicest restaurant in town?  Imagine this…the kids are with a sitter while you and your friend enjoy four delicious courses and a bottle of wine.  And, the best part is the entire evening is paid for courtesy of your favorite carpet cleaner.

Why Does Your Carpet Cleaner Want to Buy You & A Friend Dinner?

It’s as simple as this.  My best customers are the ones my existing clients refer to me.  So, as an incentive in the month of June, I’m offering a little extra special reward to the person who sends me the most referrals.

To Make It Even Easier, I’m Providing You With

A Free Gift To Give Your Friends & Family

That’s right.  You don’t have to give me the names and numbers of any of your friends or relatives.  You don’t have to worry about me calling and bugging anyone you know and love.  All you need to do is give free gifts I’ve provided to your friends and family.  They are a “sample” of my service that is worth $30.00. (But, please only give them out to homeowners who have never used my services before.)

This is how it works.  Give your friends & family the free gifts.  Be sure to tell them for you to get the “credit” for the referral they must call me before June 30th.  (They don’t have to clean by then, they just have to call.)  I’ll ask who referred them and keep track.  Then on June 30, 2019 I’ll tally up who has sent me the most referrals and if it’s you – you win! 

If you win, I’ll give you a $150 gift certificate to one of the finest restaurants in town.  Plus, if you have kids, I’ll throw in $50 cash for a babysitter.  I want you to have a great night out to thank you for your business and the referrals.

Now, since there isn’t much room on this flyer here is an example of the Free Gifts you can give your friends and family.  Just call me at 419-529-6422 and tell me how many of these Gift Certificates you need.  I’ll drop them in the mail to you the same day so you can start referring!

A Free Gift To You!

This is a gift certificate for you to receive $30 of Shambaugh Cleaning & Restoration’s best service.
You will get a 9-step cleaning process in one room (up to 100 square feet)
This gift is worth $30.00!*

Just call 419-529-6422 to schedule your cleaning before June 30, 2019
to receive this special offer.

*Not valid with other offers.  Minimum Charges Applies!

June Specials: Why Does Your Carpet Cleaner Want to Buy You & A Friend Dinner?