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March Specials: It’s Not Rocket Science . . . But Could It Be Carpet Science?

Hello friend, it’s Shambaugh’s Cleaning & Restoration.  Lately I’ve noticed a trend among some of my clients of waiting a little longer between cleanings to call.  This might sound harmless but it’s flirting with disaster when it comes to your carpet…and I’ll explain the science behind why in just a moment.  But first, how much does it cost to replace carpet these days? 

Let’s Get To The Down And Dirty Facts…

The cost of an average home of carpeting these days runs in the thousands.  That’s a big hit to the family budget.   Wouldn’t you rather spend thousands on a fun trip or a new “toy” – not new carpet?Then, how do you make sure your carpet lasts and looks fresh and new for years to come?

The Carpet Cleaner’s Dirty Little Secret

Of course the only way to extend the life of your carpet is to have it cleaned professionally and correctly.  After all, the wrong carpet cleaner can damage your carpet and even leave it dirtier than before.

But here is the real “secret” to long lasting carpet…have me out between cleanings for a touch-up of your heaviest traffic lanes.  It’s doesn’t take long and surprisingly affordable for the service depending on the size of your home.  But wait there is more…

Maybe It’s Not Rocket Science…But It IS Carpet Science

There is a little “carpet science” behind this logic.  You see oils from your skin get on the carpet fibers and attract dirt and soils, after as little as 6 months the heaviest traffic lanes in your home can become worn looking and discolored.  Sometimes the soils can oxidize to the carpet fibers and the wear and tear becomes irreversible.  So having the heaviest traffic lanes in your home touched up between cleanings insures your carpet will not develop these dreaded worn-out looking pathways.  So use simple science to save your carpet and your pocket book…

Don’t Wait Until Your WHOLE Carpet Needs Cleaning…
By Then It Could Be Too Late For Your Traffic Lanes to Be Restored.  Clean Them Now!

Call today and get your traffic lanes cleaned…The appointment takes approx. an hour and a half.
You can maintain and extend the life of your carpet through proper maintenance.

Call Before March 31, 2016 and Receive:
 $20.00 Off Any Service*
 $50 Carpet Protection for Just $30!*

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March Specials: It’s Not Rocket Science . . . But Could It Be Carpet Science?