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Microbial Growth (Mold) In Your Home This Spring?

An investigation for mold growth begins with an inspection for visible mold growth. If there is no visible mold immediately noticeable, an inspection for signs of water damage is completed and areas with possible moisture sources are inspected. In general, mold requires a source of moisture to grow.

Some of the common sources of moisture;

  • If mold growth is found on a wall it may be the result of a roof or pipe leak (Sinks, Dishwashers, Water Heaters, Ice Makers, Washing Machines)
  • If it is on an exterior wall then there may be water intrusion from outside or there may not be enough insulation so that condensation is occurring
  • The moisture source may not always be from a structural or design problem with the building
  • Moisture Vapor through slab foundations
  • Poor air circulation in crawl spaces
  • It may be due to human activity inside, like steam from showers or cooking, a spilled fish tank, wet towels or laundry, plants.
  • Poorly maintained HVAC systems
  • Improper grading of the yard
  • Flower beds next to exterior walls
  • Outside sprinklers spraying against the house
  • Cracked stucco
  • Humid environments, such as OHIO Summers are mold havens!

The images above show microbial growth (mold) before and after remediation.

Microbial Growth (Mold) In Your Home This Spring?