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“They All Gasped When I Spilled Red Wine On
My Brand-New White Carpet…..”

Hi, my name is Brandy. And, the most amazing thing happened to me last night….

I had my husband’s office over for a dinner party to celebrate a new account.  There is nothing amazing about schmoozing with my husband’s co-workers except that he let me know about the little shin-dig just the night before as I sunk into my bed.   But that’s another story….

Anyway, I somehow managed to throw together an amazing replica of a well-planned dinner party.  The room was buzzing with conversation, and I fluttered around playing the perfect hostess, even though under all the hairspray and lipstick I was just a working mom who picked up a couple of pre-cooked chickens and a some great wine after work.

So there I was, the perfect hostess giving the perfect dinner party when my greasy fingers (that darn chicken skin) let my wine glass slip right onto my carpet.  There was not a breath un-drawn as the ruby, red liquid spread across the dining room carpet as if in slow motion. 

Embarrassing?  Yes.  But, I just smiled coolly, grabbed a dishtowel and began to blot.   It was amazing watching the faces of horrified looks melt into pure relief.  It was amazing that the buzz of the room could be silenced with a slip of the wrist and a flying wine glass.  And, it was amazing that my carpet wasn’t ruined.

You see, I have a little “secret” that keeps my carpet looking new despite life’s little mishaps.   Since I work two jobs, (my secular job & CEO of this household) I don’t have time to fuss over the “little things”.  Stocking the fridge, folding Mt. Laundry, bringing home 1/2 the bacon, that’s my life.

So, when my husband surprised me on our 12th anniversary with brand new, expensive, white carpet, I immediately called Shambaugh’s Cleaning & Restoration.  I just can’t resist their guarantee: “The Most Thorough Cleaning Ever, Or It’s Free!”  Plus, they put me on a maintenance plan and reapplied carpet protection too.  Calling Shambaugh’s Cleaning & Restoration is the best thing I could have ever done to protect my investment.  I don’t even have to think twice about maintaining this carpet, they do it all for me.  That’s why my white carpet still looks “brand-new” a year and a half after I bought it (despite the efforts of my children.)  And, that is why at the dinner party my wine beaded up like dew on a flower petal, and stained my dish towel instead of my carpet.

It turns out Shambaugh’s Cleaning & Restoration was an even bigger hit than the chocolate silk pie.  So I gave everyone at the party their phone number.  (Which is great for me because I get $10 cash for every referral I send to them!)

So, protect your investment now with a call to Shambaugh’s Cleaning & Restoration.  However, the next time my husband forgets to tell me he volunteered me to feed 30 people from his office, I’m definitely not going to be so amazing.

Keep Your Carpet Investment Looking Amazing With Our Great Cleaning & Carpet Protection! 

Re-Applying Carpet Protection Has These 3 Great Benefits for You:

#1:  It blocks spills from penetrating the fibers so there is less chance of the spill becoming a stain!

#2: Your vacuuming will be more effective so there is less wear and tear between cleanings.

#3:  Your carpets will respond better to professional cleanings!

You Save $20 Cash!

If you schedule your appointment before October 31 you’ll:
Save $10 off your Cleaning, Upholstery, Tile/Grout & Hardwood
And Save $10 off Carpet Protection

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October Specials