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September Specials: Are All Carpet Cleaners Alike?

Can You Compare Us Like Apples To Apples?

Hello friend!  I’m going to ask you a surprising question, “With all the carpet cleaners in this town, are you sure you have chosen the right one?”  After all, you may be tempted by “the other guy” and his rock bottom prices.  You may wonder if you chose the right company for yourself.  Over the years I’ve had more than a couple clients call me and confess they decided to save a buck and called the other (cheap) guys.  So why do they call me to confess?  Because now they need me to come to their home and clean up (literally) after the “cheap” cleaning.  That cheap cleaning wasn’t so cheap.

Were They Just A Bad Apple?

Probably not.  But, the reality is, to offer a cheap service one must do cheap work.  A professional carpet cleaner cannot offer a high quality of work and service charging super low prices.  (Like ads you’ve seen offering $4 per room or $99 for a whole house.)  And, choosing the wrong carpet cleaner can leave you with carpets that are gummy, over soaked, dirt magnets.  I prefer to set my prices at a fair, but quality price point, then deliver work and customer service that will make you…

So Thrilled You’ll Stay A Client For Life!

I’ve invested in the proper training and learned the “science” behind proper cleaning so your carpets will sparkle, and stay cleaner longer.  Plus, you get my 5 Star Service and 100% Money Back Guarantee!  So you see, not all carpet cleaning companies are alike.  I hope you feel you’ve made the right choice because otherwise I’m not doing my job right!  To make your choice even easier this month please check out my September Specials.

How Do You Like These Apples?

Special #1:  Get your whole house cleaned and You Save $30 OFF!

Special #2:  Get your high traffic areas cleaned and You Save $20 OFF!

Special #3:  Get $50 Worth Of Carpet Protection For $30! You Save $20 OFF!

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September Specials: Are All Carpet Cleaners Alike?