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The Holidays Are Coming…Will You Make It Into My Schedule Before Your Guests Arrive?

The Holidays Are Coming…

Will You Make It Into My Schedule Before Your Parties, Guests, And Family Arrive? If You Want Your Carpets To Sparkle, Look Fantastic and Fluffy For Your Guests You Won’t Wait Another Day To Call…

Tis’ the season to be thankful, I hope you have lots of people to share time with this season.  Every year so many of my clients are scrambling at the last minute hoping (no begging) for a slot in the schedule before their guests arrive.

I feel your pain.

Here’s the story:  A long time ago…I wasn’t a carpet cleaner.  And I had the chore of hiring a carpet cleaner before our guests arrived one year.  Unfortunately…I waited until a week before the big party to start calling around. I was faced with the task of trying to wade through 30 pages (this was pre-internet era) of carpet cleaners in the book, plus I couldn’t find anyone good who had a time slot available.  But instead of admit defeat I hired “Cheap Carpet Cleaning” because they were the only ones available, (maybe that should have tipped me off).  They did a “cheap job” alright, leaving me with over-wet carpet that seemed to re-soil faster than ever.  In fact, two months later my carpets were dirtier than they had been before I called them out.  I never want you to have an experience like this, so I’m giving you a “heads up” now.

But Hurry Because My November/December Schedules Fill Up Fast!

So if you want to enjoy soft, clean, spotless carpets that do NOT re-soil quickly.  If you want the carpet cleaner (me) who offers you “They Most Thorough Cleaning Ever, Or It’s Free!”  And if you want to avoid having to wade through pages of carpet cleaners (online or in the book) who are NOT all offering the same great service and quality cleaning you have grown accustom to. Then call me today.  It’s that simple.  Don’t procrastinate like I did so long ago.  Just pick up the phone and call today 419-529-6422.  I’ll get you put right into the schedule.  But hurry, because my books fill quickly and, try as I may, I can’t fit everyone in.  I’ll sweeten the deal and get some of you procrastinators (like me)  motivated…

The “Grab A Spot In My Schedule Before It’s Too Late” Special…

Call and schedule before November 30, 2019 and SAVE
$25.00 Off Your Carpet, Tile & Grout, Upholstery, Air Ducts, Area Rugs Cleaning*
$15.00 Off Carpet Protection*

November 30, 2019 and Save up to $40* Off
your cleaning investment (combined savings)
Check us out on the web at

Not valid with other offers. Minimum charge applies.

Looking for a Superior Carpet Cleaning company? You re at the right “Spot”!

The Holidays Are Coming…Will You Make It Into My Schedule Before Your Guests Arrive?