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The Non-Physical Toll Of Fire Damage

fire damage repair mansfieldIt’s easy to go on and on about the physical consequences of fire damage in Mansfield. Burn marks, smoke damage, water damage, soot stains, lost possessions, compromised structural integrity, and so on. The non-physical consequences of fire damage are considered much less frequent after a fire. Sure, it’s great to repair a damaged wall, but that only goes so far if you’re still coping with the emotional trauma of enduring a house fire.

Fire Damage In Mansfield

At Shambaugh in Mansfield, we are sensitive to the non-physical tolls of fires because we know from experience that they can be just as, if not more, serious than the physical harm caused by the fire. The following are three specific types of non-physical damage that are especially important.

Increased Risk Of Future Fire Hazards

Fires can leave your home or office with damage that’s not easy to see at first, but without proper attention, this damage could make your building prone to more fires.

Soot and chemical residue can corrode motors and mechanical systems of your HVAC system; melt wiring covers or harnesses can leave wiring exposed. Failing to address these “unseen” hazards with a thorough inspection is dangerous, and one of the many reasons leaving fire cleanup to experienced professionals is advised. They can also look at the damage done and advise on minimizing fire patterns in the future through fire stops in your building’s structure, additional smoke alarms, or even a sprinkler or extinguisher system.

Financial Stress

Dealing with fire damage can be a major financial stressor. Depending on the extent of the damage and your insurance policy, you will need to pay can vary considerably. To be prepared for the potential expense of fire damage cleanup, ensure you know your insurance policy well. This will also help you understand what situations your policy does and does not cover. Finally, the team at Shambaugh is dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable fire and smoke damage restoration services. We will work closely with you to help you develop a remediation plan that will work for you and your family.

Emotional Trauma

It’s possible that the most significant consequences of fire damage are not physical but emotional. Dealing with the aftermath of a fire or smoke damage can be a very emotional and trying time, whether it be from the trauma of the fire itself or the stress of dealing with its consequences. Make sure you take time for yourself to process such an event. Also, schedule a time to speak with a professional if you are still struggling with the trauma of the disaster.

Mansfield house fires can be a traumatic ordeal. As you reach out to family and friends for support during such a time, you can also rely on our restoration team at Shambaugh in Mansfield to lend our support and lend every professional courtesy on the way to making your home livable once again and moving past the ordeal of dealing with a house fire.

The Non-Physical Toll Of Fire Damage