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Time Marches On With The Coming of The New Year & It’s Running Out On My Best Offer Ever…

A Gift From Me To Say “Thank You”!

Dear Friends,

2023 is upon us and you’ve probably made out a list of goals and resolutions. Well so did I, and at the top of my list this year is to show all my loyal clients how much I really do appreciate them with a special offer. This is an offer I usually only give out to first time clients in an effort to grow my business. But for one month only I’ve made room in my schedule to accommodate my best clients. And, I’m giving you $50 Off Carpet Cleaning in Mansfield Ohio.

I’m sure the dust has barely settled after all that holiday company and entertaining. The food spills are glaring, the Christmas tree stains are bright…it’s time to clean up and start the year with fresh, clean carpets. So give me a call and I’ll clean up those messes and spills.

Why am I giving you such a valuable free gift? Well, there are a few reasons. First, it’s a way I can simply say “Thank you” to each of my clients. Second, this is the slowest month of the year in my business and there will be a few of you that will choose to get more than just the one room of cleaning and that will be great. And lastly, I hope to “resurrect” my business relationship with some of you that I haven’t heard from in a while and that will be great too!

But Hurry…Time Is Running Out! So, please don’t pass up this unprecedented offer. I can only make room in my schedule for 3-4 of these cleanings per week. So Call me at 419-529-6422 and I’ll be happy to work you into my schedule.

P.S. Remember I can only make this offer until January 31, 2023. After that your gift will expire.

Take Advantage of My BIGGEST Savings Special Ever!

Call and schedule before January 31, 2023 and SAVE

$50.00 Off Your Carpet, Tile & Grout, Upholstery, Air Ducts, Area Rugs Cleaning*

$15.00 Off Carpet Protection*

Spots & Spills From Entertaining Will Be Cleaned for FREE until January 31, 2023*
Call 419-529-6422 to schedule your cleaning!

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*Not valid with other offers. Minimum charge applies.

Time Marches On With The Coming of The New Year & It’s Running Out On My Best Offer Ever…