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Understanding the Different Types of Fire Damage and Repair Processes

Fire Damage Repair Mansfield OHWhen your home in Mansfield needs fire damage repair, you may not be aware that there are different types of fire damage. Each type of damage comes with its own problems, requires specific remediation steps, and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. Let’s go over each type of fire damage so you can better understand how your home might be affected following a fire.

  1. Class A Fire Damage: Class A fire damage is one of the most common type of fire damage that occurs throughout the United States. This type of fire damage stems from solid flammable materials like paper, plastic, wood, rubber, and cloth. Since these materials are found in abundance in our homes, it is no wonder that these make up the most common type of fire damage.
  2. Class B Fire Damage: Class B fire damage is the result of fires caused by flammable liquids such as gasoline, petrol, oil, waxes, and paint. Still fairly common, fire damage repairs in homes can easily be caused by flammable liquids since we have many available in our homes and garages, This is why it is so important to keep flammable liquids away from any possible heat source.
  3. Class C Fire Damage: Since Class A deals with solids, and Class B deals with liquids, that leaves gases for Class C fire damage. Flammable gases like  hydrogen, propane, butane, and natural gas are the sources for Class C fire damage. Kitchen fires are the number one sources of house fires in the country, and often times kitchen fires can be attributed to cooking with propane gas or butane gas. It is so important to be sure that stoves are properly turned off and gas lines are not left open when you are no longer using the appliance so you can prevent a Class C fire damage emergency in your kitchen.
  4. Class D Fire Damage: Fires caused by combustible metals such as magnesium, sodium, and potassium make up Class D Fire Damage.
  5. Class E Fire Damage: Electrical fires sourced by electrical elements, faulty wiring, or overloaded electrical outlets are categorized as Class E fire damage. Electrical fires do not respond well to water and need emergency response right away.
  6. Class F Fire Damage: Also attributing to kitchen fires, class F fire damage is caused by cooking oils and fats from frying pans that have started on fire. These types of flames, like electrical fires, are repellant to water so attempting to distinguish oil fires can actually make matters worse.

Fire Damage Repair in Mansfield OH

Regardless of the type of fire damage your Mansfield home may have endured, Shambaugh Cleaning is here to help. We specialize in fire damage repair regarding all types of fires, no matter the size or scope. Our trained and experienced professionals will be able to safely cleanup, repair, and replace any fire damage done to your home, and get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

Understanding the Different Types of Fire Damage and Repair Processes