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Once again, our great state is blessing us with unpredictable weather. If we were not from Ohio, experiencing sub-zero and 50-degree temperatures all in the same winter would surprise us. In response to the snow-thaw and rainfall we are expected to receive, we have compiled a few quick tips to help minimize the cost of water damage repairs to your home.

Understand Your Insurance Policy

Read the details of your homeowner’s insurance coverage. Note how your policy addresses water damage and flooding related to snow-thaw. Generally, this type of flooding is not covered. Many policies do not cover sewer back-ups resulting from snow-thaw unless you choose to pay a higher premium specifically added for this type of loss.

How to Prevent Water Damage

Unfortunately, it is impossible to prevent water damage under every circumstance. However, you can take these two steps to decrease the amount of damage your home suffers.

  • Basement storage. Keep valuable items out of your basement. Removing any electronics or stored valuables from your basement prior to the expected snow-thaw and rain accumulation could prove to be an important ounce of prevention.
  • Debris removal. Remove debris from window wells, gutters and downspouts.

Safeguard Possessions

Keep a file containing important paperwork in a safe place, i.e. a waterproof container or safe deposit box. Documents to include are:

  • Copies.Copies of your insurance policies and your agent’s contact information
  • Inventory. An inventory of your major household possessions and valuables with accompanying photos or video. Include serial numbers and store receipts for major purchases. Obtain appraisals for any valuable artwork or jewelry.
  • Additional documents.Other critical, irreplaceable documents such as financial records and personal documents

This is just a short list of helpful hints to quickly prepare for the upcoming thaw and rain. Taking these few precautions can help minimize the cost of water damage repairs you incur. Please contact your independent agent if you have any questions on coverage.

Should your home suffer water damage, contact Shambaugh Cleaning & Restoration in Mansfield, Ohio at 419-529-6422. We have a 24/7 response team available to remove the water from your home and return it to its pre-loss condition.