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Water Damage Restoration Process

Water damage is more than a mess or inconvenience (although it is definitely both of those things). It also has the potential to cause major damage, expense, and health problems. Water damage requires immediate, serious action––but the good news is that the right professional restoration experts can take care of those details so you don’t have to. Here are the steps taken to restore your property.

Inspection and Assessment

Water damage can be classified into four classes and three categories, depending on the type and extent of damage. The first step your restoration professional will take is assessing the damage and outlining a plan of action.

Water Extraction

Mold and bacteria waste no time! Removing water immediately is crucial to preventing further damage and health problems. Restoration professionals deploy powerful equipment, such as pumps and vacuums, to get the job done.


After extracting water, your restoration experts still aren’t done with. . . water. Long after visible water is gone, hidden moisture can continue to linger––again, risking damage and mold. Air movers and dehumidifiers are used to complete this process, which can often take up to several weeks.


Outside of the property itself, furnishings such as carpet and curtains, and belongings such as furniture and clothing, can suffer from water damage, requiring their own cleaning and sanitation process. Restoration professionals have access to special treatments and equipment that can remove microbes, moisture, and odors from these items.


Depending on the class and category of water damage, your home or business may need minor repairs to extensive restoration. It’s important to work with a restoration professional with contracting experience, such as Shambaugh’s Cleaning & Restoration, so if you need to rebuild, you don’t have to start the process with a new team.

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Water Damage Restoration Process