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Who to trust when you have water damage?

There are big differences between ordinary carpet cleaners and Water Damage Restoration Specialists. It seems like every contractor here in Mansfield with a pry bar and a sledgehammer as well as every guy with a shop vacuum is trying to pass themselves off as a restoration specialist these days. But REAL specialists know more than demolition and water extraction.

There’s intense training from international institutions, such as the IICRC, a non-profit organization that establishes standards for these industries and properly prepares the specialist with critical skills that imposters can only guess at. Skills like “Psychometrics”- A scientific way to figure out exactly how much drying equipment is needed to dry your building without risk of exposing you to dangerous mold or mildew growth or damaging your structure.

Shambaugh’s is the only IICRC Certified Firm in Mansfield which means all of our technicians are IICRC Certified. We have signed and agree to adhere to the IICRC Certified Firm Code of Ethics, and are insured. Our technicians have attended an IICRC approved school, passed a written examination, received hands-on training, and are required to maintain their certifications by learning about the latest in restoration technology and techniques. You can be assured that they will provide you and your insurance company with the highest level of service.  .


  1. Respond to emergency calls immediately. We respond 24/7 and can be at your home usually within an hour.
  2. Instantly act to stop the spread of water damage. Water damage spreads in all directions, outward in an ever widening circle, down through materials, even upward by soaking into fabrics. Containment of damage is the most important step to minimizing costs and minimizing total time required to restore the entire site to its original condition.
  3. Act quickly to eliminate safety and health hazards.A water damaged environment puts forth a variety of hazards, from electrical fires and slip-n’-fall injuries to the spread of contagious viruses and disease.
  4. Extract water damaged materials and debris safely, economically, and efficiently. The last thing you want at a water damage site is an “amateur” bumbling around creating more damage while trying to remove goods and materials!
  5. Dry out the entire environment and the materials in the environment with professional equipment. During the drying process the air is typically computer monitored to maintain a proper balance of temperature and humidity. Proper drying techniques get the job done as quickly as possible without shrinking fabrics, other damage, leaving damp areas, etc.
  6. Restoration combining comprehensive cleaning, stain and odor removal, fungus eradication, re-construction and replacement as needed.

The most common water damage causes here in Mansfield are Hot Water Tanks, Washers, Dishwashers, Broken water lines, Frozen water lines, faulty sump pumps, toilets and sink over flowing.

So when water damage occurs…call Mansfield’s best water extraction team at 419-529-6422. Anyday/Amytime

Who to trust when you have water damage?