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Why Is My Carpet So Dirty?

Carpet Cleaning Mansfield OhioDoes your carpet always look dirty and dingy no matter how often your vacuum? If this sounds familiar, you are one of the many people who deal with this problem on a daily basis. The good news is that there is usually a very simple explanation for why your carpet always looks dirty. In many cases, it can be remedied by taking a few simple steps. From our carpet cleaning experts at Shambaugh Cleaning, in Mansfield, Ohio, here are three reasons why your carpet may be persistently dirty and what you can do about it.

Carpet Cleaning Mansfield Ohio

Using Too Much Water

Water is of course an essential part of carpet cleaning. However, using too much water can make your carpet worse off than it was in the first place. When too much water is used it sinks deep into the carpet which can give it a grayish appearance or make it look like it has no color at all. If you do use too much water, you can dry the carpet but doing that can be time-consuming.

Not Vacuuming Prior To Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning your carpet has lots of benefits. It will fluff up your carpet fibers, give it its original color back, and, of course, clean it. However, steam cleaning your carpet can also lead to unexpected issues if you aren’t careful. The most common problem resulting from steam cleaning is when the carpet isn’t thoroughly vacuumed ahead of time. This can actually spread the accumulated dirt around your carpet and give it a dull-looking color instead of a fresh, clean-looking color. Fortunately, this is easy to prevent. Thoroughly vacuum your carpet prior to steam cleaning to make sure that all the loose dirt and grime caught in your carpet fibers is taken care of before the steam cleaning begins.

A Faulty Vacuum

Vacuums are the most basic, essential tool at your disposal for keeping your carpet clean. So it naturally makes sense that a faulty vacuum (or faulty vacuuming) could be the root of your problems. Here are a few of our carpet cleaning experts at Shambaugh Cleaning in Mansfield, Ohio, who have seen this happen:

  1. Your vacuum is set too low. When your vacuum is set too low, it can damage the carpet fibers after repeated use over time. As a general rule, you should feel some resistance from the carpet when vacuuming but not too much.
  2. Your vacuum bag needs to be emptied. Some vacuums, especially older models, can leak dirt when the bag is full. If this happens, you will be making more of a mess than you will be cleaning up when you vacuum.
  3. Vacuum in straight lines. Just like mowing the grass, you should vacuum your carpet in straight lines to ensure you cover the whole carpet. Otherwise, it is too easy to miss spots.
  4. Use your attachments frequently. The nooks and crannies throughout your home may not be reachable with a conventional vacuum. The only way to consistently reach these areas and keep these clean is with your vacuum’s attachments.

While good vacuuming can go a long way in ensuring your carpet’s health, you will also need to have it professionally cleaned to get the best results. Professional carpet cleaning gets deep into the fibers of your carpet and picks up what your vacuum can’t. At Shambaugh Cleaning, our experts are trained and certified to provide you with superior carpet cleaning services. Be sure to schedule a call with us today.

Why Is My Carpet So Dirty?